Friday, December 28, 2012


Good morning loveys!
I apologize for the lonnnggggggg hiatus.
Things were crazy and I thought the world was ending so I was out doing ridiculously stupid, life threatening things but I am still alive so that was pretty much a waste...

anywhoooo here are my random Friday musings!

What is he NOT willing to put in his mouth?
- Ethan, stop GROWING. To me, he is the funniest and cutest 11 month old ever. He loves to play with my Iphone and occasionally fling it across the room, and one very special time, he wacked me right in the forehead. His newest thing is blowing spit bubbles while saying "mamamamama" over and over again. Whenever I get home from work, he smacks me in the chest repeatedly with a big smile on his face and all of his dinosaur monster teeth showing. He also loves wiggling to music and STILL hates getting his diaper changed.

-my coworker is going to LAS VEGAS today at four. I hate him.

- my car broke down. I should be crying hysterically b/c I have no means of getting another one but I'm too hopped up on coffee to do so. It might hit me later.

- I want to professionaly dye my hair red again. It's fading, I'm all roots at the top...but again, if I cant buy a new car, then how the heck do I expect to go get my hair did. Back to ghetto hair styling at home.

- I need to start a diet. My gut is now hanging over my work pants. Not even cute.

Yeah, that's pretty much my reality right now.

-Mens cologne. Maybe its mating season for me, or something, but a man , ugly, cute, short , tall, large, small, doesnt matter..a man cant walk by me without me taking a big whiff of his cologne and geting googly eyed and flushed. I need help, the mental kind.

- I need a new wardrobe.

- I just want to meet Robert Downey Jr. so he can marry me already.

This blog was brought to you by the lovely Aloha Friday blog hop and Friday letters <3 Have a wonderful and fantastical weekend!!!!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Truth Thursdays.

There is an amazing blog out there called Single Dad Laughing, written by Dan Pearce.

He is an amazing writer and his blog is poignant, funny, and wonderful. He recently came out after many, many years and I believe that inspired a post called “The Truth Box”.

In this post, he asked readers to share THEIR personal truths with the following format:

“What everyone thinks is true”

“What actually is true”

This really struck me, especially when reading the next day’s blog, which was a sharing of all the truths that he received from his readers.

Some of them were heartbreaking and some of them were funny.

Some I could relate to and some left me shocked.

All of them made me think, however, what are MY truths? If I were to be vulnerable, and honest, and under a cloak of anonymity, what would I be willing to pull out of my truth box? What fa├žade would I be willing to strip down?

I know many, many confident people in my life, men and women alike, however, even they, the most confident, have a truth in their box…a truth they keep hidden, a truth they haven’t accepted, a truth that maybe is too truthful to share?

I think its part of human nature, no matter how much you believe in what you see is what you get…Is there really one person who puts every single little thing out there?

Or do we all keep a little bit of us to ourselves?

I don’t mean that in a sneaky way, because I know plenty of people who really are exactly who they are…but even they, I am sure there is a deep part of themselves, that maybe they don’t even realize they can share…a truth deep in their own personal truth box.

I know this past year for me; all my truths came spilling out of my box at once.
I actually think I was hiding inside my box, peeping out at the world through a tiny little hole.

I sometimes wonder how good of a mother I am.

I dont have all my sh*t together.

I never got over my Mommy passing away and I still don't know how to communicate with my father.

I have no clue how to love myself.

I made the biggest mistake of my life and  I dont know how I can forgive myself.

Sometimes, I struggle to smile.

I had and am continuing to face a lot of truths about myself...Its a scary thing but I take it day by day and I know that every truth I unravel, every truth I reveal and assess, is one more truth closer to being the most honest and genuine person I can be, for my son and for myself. Having truths IS NOT A BAD THING.

I am NOT ashamed of my truths, because I am AWARE of them, finally. They arent in a box, hidden away from me. They are in front of me, in my face and I actually am HAPPY I can SEE them, and little by little, I am getting better and better at being one hundred percent, ME.

Do you think you could look inside your truth box?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

10 Months Old

My sweet baby boy turned 10 months old on November 25th and he just had his well visit yesterday.

I dread taking him to the doctor.

Yes, I AM that Mommy…

Don’t act like you don’t know her, because you know you do (and don’t give me shifty eyes if you are the person I am about to describe)…

She can usually be found in the waiting area…clutching her child as if he is next in line for abduction…

…She is the the one who has bitten her nails down to nubs and is STILL BITING

…The Mommy who is sitting there sprouting a glorious sweat mustache and who can’t stop kissing her little one…

I cannot STAND seeing him get shots. I HATE IT. Even just typing out those words makes me feel like I am simultaneously going to throw up and/or cry.

When the Doctor turns to me with that sweet, saccharine smile and says “I see it’s time for little guy’s shots!” I want to drop kick her like POW!!!!!

Except, I can’t and I don’t because I know…this is for Ethan’s good…and it doesn’t hurt that much, right?...and he may cry but he won’t remember it, RIGHT?!!!!

And then I hyperventilate as the nurse sweetly tells me to lay him down on the table. He looks up at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes and I feel he can see right through my forced, plastic smile. I kiss him and make funny noises and cross my eyes and stick out my tongue and it works…until I see that moment in his eyes when something suddenly HURTS and he looks at me and those huge, drippy, wet tears start flowing and I say “I’m sorry baby” over and over until they stick him again (BASTARDS!) and he cries again ANGRILY this time as if to say, “REALLY MOMMY?! TWICE?!”

As soon as the band aid is on, I scoop him up in my arms and bounce him up and down and wipe away tears that are too big for such a small face. I kiss him a million times and stroke his curly mess of hair as he lays his head on my shoulder.

It’s the worse feeling in the world and yes I know I am ridiculously theatrical, but that’s what it feels like every time I go to the doctor’s office. No lie, I usually BEG someone to come with me so they can hold him down and I can close my eyes and kiss him while THEY get to be the bad guy.

Its terrible Mothering and I know but whatever. ;)

In other less dramatic news, Ethan is growing like a little weed.

Fun Ethan Stats:

1.)    22lbs and 29 inches, or in other words, my little fatty.
2.)    A mouth full of teeth (he looks like a little monster).
3.)    His favorite things to do are bite EVERYTHING, make grab hands like “gimme gimme”, throw blankets over himself and laugh, give open mouthed kisses, eat anything and everything, smack me excitedly in the face and grin when I come home from work, pull himself up and sit back down on his butt, over and over again.
4.)    His dislikes are sitting still and the new bathtub. He loves to bathe, but ever since we moved, he HATES the tub!!!!

And most importantly, he is 10 months of wonderful perfection <3


Friday, December 7, 2012

Fridays Letters

dear Walmart- short and sweet, I absolutely love you. I love browsing through your aisles at any time of day. I love squealing with delight when I find you stocked to the brim with items only to be found during Christmas (peppermint mocha glade candle, how I love thee)...

dear Ethan- I hate leaving you in the mornings =( I promise you it's for the best and I hate it as much as you do. I love you and will be home as fast as I can...

How could you NOT want to run to this face?

dear Ikea-  Me and you have a date tomorrow. I hope you are ready....

dear overtime paycheck- do you know how beautiful you are? No, really. Have you taken a look at your glorious 3 digit splendor? Oh the things you and I will do...

dear air mattress- you should be ashamed of your deflating behavior. I think you need to meet my garbage.

dear Breaking Dawn part 2- I have not forgotten you. I will see Jacob. I will see Jacob. I WILL SEE JACOB.

God, you are perfection and I dont care that I am an old fart compared to you.

dear red hair- I am absolutely smitten with you. I have never felt more fierce or sexy in my life. I love it BUT I do NOT love the upkeep or the fact that my hands are now stained red from my ghetto at home color rinses. Grrr.

Exactly! =)

dear Friday- you are the best and thank Goodness for you and alcohlic beverages.


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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Covet Thee: Things I Need (want) This Winter

I think anyone can agree that it is 100 times easier to look cuter in the winter than the summer.

Perfect hair weather? CHECK.

Perfect temperature for accessories? CHECK.

Boots are acceptable as everyday wear? CHECK.

Now is definitly the time to play with textures and accessories and to finally blow out your hair ( curly haired girls can I get an AMEN???).

Now, I am by NO means a fashionista, but I do know what looks good on me and I am sometimes on trend and I most certainly know how to look fancy on a budget.

Here, I present, my lusts for this winter:

1.) Infinity Scarf.
I swear, these things can make ANY outfit look good. On those days where I feel like I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear (or I'm whining about feeling fat blah blah blah) I plan my entire outfit around a SCARF.

Add a scarf to any of the basics I am certain you all have in your closet:  jeans, cardi, or  a blazer. Choose a hairstyle ( I personally love doing a bun), some accessories and voila! You look like you spent a whole lot of time (money?) on looking fabulous.

An added bonus: as a Mommy its ridiculously hard to plan and execute complicated outfits, but throwing on an infinity scarf takes seconds! (The infinity aspect is awesome because you dont have to worry about getting the scarf to fall the right 

from left to right: nordstrom $25.00, forever21: $10.50, Express:$29.50

 2.) A great pair of boots.
 I love boots. I truly do not care when I wear them (I have my Aunt Linda to thank for that). Last year, I wore a pair of cowboy boots all through summer, well into fall and a big chunk of winter until my big, bloated pregnancy feet didnt fit them anymore.

Anyway, I highly doubt any of you will argue that shoes can most definitly make or break an outfit. Now dont get me wrong, I will continue to wear pumps all winter long...but I love that boots are much easier to come by now in stores.

I have a special love for knee high boots, specifically riding boots. One year I lusted and lusted until thank goodness they were gifted to me...a sexy black pair from Colin Stuart. I used them until they literally fell apart ( I mean sole falling off, stitching coming undone kind of falling apart).

This year I am praying for a pair in a dark, chocolatey brown.  Brown for me is a fancier neutral than black and I wear it with every color. I also want to flirt with some ankle booties. I havent done them yet, but I have seen one or two that I would love to roll around in bed with.

Sue me, I'm Puerto Rican!: Steve madden: $59.49 (and yes, I consider leopard a neutral!)

LOVE this! Added bonus: oxfords are in!: Payless: $34.99 (pay...more?)

the color, the heel, the length= <3 I want to marry them:Steve Madden: $48.99

 3.) Something spiked/studded/crossed.

Studs and spikes and crosses, oh my!

I know I am personally dying, DYING to get something embelished into my wardrobe.

courtesy of ASOS

Just look at this sexy piece of work! Ugh, I just LOVE IT. The studding, the side zipper, the details on the sleeves, the leather...everything about this jacket sings to me, and sings to me loudly! I would so rock this with eyeliner and red lips..I just snapped my fingers at MYSELF! ::mhmmmm!::

However, I live in the real world of singleMommyhood and so there is no way I will be buying this jacket. I can however indulge in a lesser priced version, courtesy of Forever 21:

I am sure I can find $42.80 SOMEWHERE in my budget...right?

If a studded leather jacket isnt for you, you can definitly indulge the studded/spikes/rocker glam trend in more subtle ways. Cross tees are available everywhere right now and you can layer them up for winter. You can also play up your accessories with spiked earrings or a necklace (things that cost way less than a 42 dollar jacket).

And lastly, the thing I want the most, and its actually really quite silly, is this:

#4.) A collar necklace

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A studded collar necklace. Collars are everywhere  right now and I love LOVE when this is worn with a sweater or a casual tee. It just looks so.damn.cute. Look at this, tell me you dont love this?!!!!

AHHHH! I must have it!

So there you have it loves. My LUST list for this winter.

What are some of your favorites? Do any of these trends (and my obsessions) excite you?!

Monday, December 3, 2012

I Will Always Never Be On Time...

There are some things in life that are plain and simple truths:

#1.) Kraft macaroni and cheese is mana from heaven.
#2.) The most wonderful sound in the world is a baby laughing.
#3.)  Bronzer is life.
#4.) I was clearly meant to be a ginger.

 Using my fresh faced naivete to help soften the anger of whatever party I offended with my lack of time watching,  I would always deny any lateness as the universe clearly being against me. However, being the seasoned woman that I am (childbirth makes you grow up REAL fast)…I have come to realize it is all me. I am just going to be perpetually tardy. I truly apologize to all of you. Also, I apologize to Ethan…because he is always going to get the blame. Sorry kiddo. Love you.

seriously, he is delicious.
Anyway, this brings me to this weekend’s adorable party (duh, I was late) for this cute little monster, Jayden.

The theme was superheroes! There were two Spiderman’s, and a Batman and my son, Superman(baby).

 (I will confess, I had all intentions of getting him a costume but then I procrastinated and thank god for onesies and using the guise of “superman in mid transformation” to explain his wearing only a onesie and jeans).

The cake was handmade by my good friend Nicole who spent two nights texting about the woes of fondant. I thought it looked amazing and although I didnt get to taste it, I am sure it was terrible. (Haha, kidding...I think?).

kid photography---> stress!!!!
Ethan definitely had a blast, but seriously Moms (or anyone with friends with severe Dory syndrome) have you ever tried getting one good picture of your kid with his friends?! JUST ONE? It’s darn near impossible! Someone is either looking up into a corner at who knows what, falling off a chair, pulling at someone else, looking for food in the folds of their clothes…the list goes on and on....However, in all fairness, apparently Mommies arent that good either:

at least we got good collages out of it, right?!
 Just like Ethan, I was so happy to spend time with this guy, Gavin. He’s my son’s best friend. I love this kid to DEATH!!!  Words can’t tell you how happy I was to squeeze him and tell him I miss him and get an I miss you back.


Anywho, some fun stuff coming up on the blog this week: a fun fashion post with all my winter must haves, a giveaway, and how I plan on losing the last 20 lbs of baby weight (dont judge me).

Until tomorrow lovies!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Dribs and Drabs

Good morning everyone and HAPPY DECEMBER 1st! Here is crossing our fingers and toes that we make it to the 31st without DYING (and a big boo to the Mayans!)

Seriously Mayans, did you have nothing better to do?

Here are some delicious dribs and drabs for you courtesy of my crazy brain.

Yesterday, I was in rare form. I was unusually cranky and I am going to blame it on my sick little man resisting slumber for two days straight. I choose this excuse rather than the one I think is closer to the truth...I may just have developed a rare form of bitchitis. This is a serious condition, but we will discuss that another day.

So, on top of the fact that Baby E was fighting off this cough ( and an unexplained bout of scary projectile puking) it was his first time going to a new baby sitter.

::insert lots of heart clutching, fainting, crying and other dramatic first time Mom antics::

One day, Ethan will thank me, even though I will be stark raving mad by the time he can.

This was particular hard for me because I was home with him for about 7 months, and when I went back to work he was left safely in the hands of his Aunts and cousins. They know his every little quirk and cry and what he needs when he needs it. I leave for work in the morning knowing everyone gets each other...but now....with a new sitter? There is this WHOLE trial period, for baby AND sitter, where they both have to feel each other out and get used to each other...this is normal and acceptable and I know my baby is a sweetheart and the woman who I left him with is a sweetheart as well HOWEVER....
This was me all day at work thinking about the horror of the situation.

Ok, that’s dramatic, but I damn near well might have. My heart was pounding, I thought I would get massive, explosive nervous stomach diarreah and I gave Ethan more kisses in two minutes than I have in his entire life (that's a lie but you get it).

My son however, was less dramatic than his ridiculous mother:
really Mommy? RELAX! I got this.

He did not even flinch when I walked out the door. He was, in fact, quite comfy on the couch , snuggled in his fleece onesie watching Sesame Street. The first few hours I must have called a million times (I apologized for this already). He had a crying session but this was normal and once he realized he was staying with this sitter the whole day, he settled down and relaxed and all was well in the world.

I must have lost a few  years of my life worrying yesterday.

Anywho, today he is home and happy with his Daddy and that makes ME a happy and much more relaxed Mommy.

On an unrelated note, I am loving my look today. Who says a budget conscious Momma cant be chic?
Scarf: Joyce Leslie $5.99, boots: fabulously soft and buttery vintage, sweater : Rainbows: $12.99, Dress: Mandees: $20.00, flaming red hair: my apparent midlife crisis.

Anyway, work continues to drag and I need more coffee and possible sustenance! Have a fabulous day everyone <3