Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Dribs and Drabs

Good morning everyone and HAPPY DECEMBER 1st! Here is crossing our fingers and toes that we make it to the 31st without DYING (and a big boo to the Mayans!)

Seriously Mayans, did you have nothing better to do?

Here are some delicious dribs and drabs for you courtesy of my crazy brain.

Yesterday, I was in rare form. I was unusually cranky and I am going to blame it on my sick little man resisting slumber for two days straight. I choose this excuse rather than the one I think is closer to the truth...I may just have developed a rare form of bitchitis. This is a serious condition, but we will discuss that another day.

So, on top of the fact that Baby E was fighting off this cough ( and an unexplained bout of scary projectile puking) it was his first time going to a new baby sitter.

::insert lots of heart clutching, fainting, crying and other dramatic first time Mom antics::

One day, Ethan will thank me, even though I will be stark raving mad by the time he can.

This was particular hard for me because I was home with him for about 7 months, and when I went back to work he was left safely in the hands of his Aunts and cousins. They know his every little quirk and cry and what he needs when he needs it. I leave for work in the morning knowing everyone gets each other...but now....with a new sitter? There is this WHOLE trial period, for baby AND sitter, where they both have to feel each other out and get used to each other...this is normal and acceptable and I know my baby is a sweetheart and the woman who I left him with is a sweetheart as well HOWEVER....
This was me all day at work thinking about the horror of the situation.

Ok, that’s dramatic, but I damn near well might have. My heart was pounding, I thought I would get massive, explosive nervous stomach diarreah and I gave Ethan more kisses in two minutes than I have in his entire life (that's a lie but you get it).

My son however, was less dramatic than his ridiculous mother:
really Mommy? RELAX! I got this.

He did not even flinch when I walked out the door. He was, in fact, quite comfy on the couch , snuggled in his fleece onesie watching Sesame Street. The first few hours I must have called a million times (I apologized for this already). He had a crying session but this was normal and once he realized he was staying with this sitter the whole day, he settled down and relaxed and all was well in the world.

I must have lost a few  years of my life worrying yesterday.

Anywho, today he is home and happy with his Daddy and that makes ME a happy and much more relaxed Mommy.

On an unrelated note, I am loving my look today. Who says a budget conscious Momma cant be chic?
Scarf: Joyce Leslie $5.99, boots: fabulously soft and buttery vintage, sweater : Rainbows: $12.99, Dress: Mandees: $20.00, flaming red hair: my apparent midlife crisis.

Anyway, work continues to drag and I need more coffee and possible sustenance! Have a fabulous day everyone <3


  1. I LOVE this! Ethan really does look like he's thinking "I got this, mom!" So cute!

    You have such a knack for finding cute things on a budget. I need to go shopping with you, homegirl! Love you!


    1. ::finger snap:: You know how I do gurrrlllll
      <3 <3 Love you!

  2. Awwww Chubs is going to be 3 and I still haven't let go lol. Sometimes I wonder if it'll affect her. Anyways, I love this and totally relate to it =( mommy letting go blues. Also u look yummy

    1. Girl, I still SLEEP in the bed with Ethan. THATS gonna ruin him forever. ::sigh:: Oh well. I'll deal with his psychosis later. Chubs is gonna be just fine ;). She has a good momma <3 Thank you for the love suga.

      And thanks! Vintage ;)

  3. Boo to the Mayans! Im always hearing about a new date each year. lol. Im one of your newest followers from the Aloha Friday Weekend Blog Hop. I would love for you to follow me back!

    1. Hahaha boo indeed! Im heading over to your corner of the blog world now =) thanks for following <3!!!

  4. new[est] follower! loving this post and loving your blog. can't wait to keep following along!

    stop by sometime!

  5. Hi Elise! Thank you for the love <3 I am definitly going to pop by and take a looksie =) Have a wonderful day!

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