Monday, December 3, 2012

I Will Always Never Be On Time...

There are some things in life that are plain and simple truths:

#1.) Kraft macaroni and cheese is mana from heaven.
#2.) The most wonderful sound in the world is a baby laughing.
#3.)  Bronzer is life.
#4.) I was clearly meant to be a ginger.

 Using my fresh faced naivete to help soften the anger of whatever party I offended with my lack of time watching,  I would always deny any lateness as the universe clearly being against me. However, being the seasoned woman that I am (childbirth makes you grow up REAL fast)…I have come to realize it is all me. I am just going to be perpetually tardy. I truly apologize to all of you. Also, I apologize to Ethan…because he is always going to get the blame. Sorry kiddo. Love you.

seriously, he is delicious.
Anyway, this brings me to this weekend’s adorable party (duh, I was late) for this cute little monster, Jayden.

The theme was superheroes! There were two Spiderman’s, and a Batman and my son, Superman(baby).

 (I will confess, I had all intentions of getting him a costume but then I procrastinated and thank god for onesies and using the guise of “superman in mid transformation” to explain his wearing only a onesie and jeans).

The cake was handmade by my good friend Nicole who spent two nights texting about the woes of fondant. I thought it looked amazing and although I didnt get to taste it, I am sure it was terrible. (Haha, kidding...I think?).

kid photography---> stress!!!!
Ethan definitely had a blast, but seriously Moms (or anyone with friends with severe Dory syndrome) have you ever tried getting one good picture of your kid with his friends?! JUST ONE? It’s darn near impossible! Someone is either looking up into a corner at who knows what, falling off a chair, pulling at someone else, looking for food in the folds of their clothes…the list goes on and on....However, in all fairness, apparently Mommies arent that good either:

at least we got good collages out of it, right?!
 Just like Ethan, I was so happy to spend time with this guy, Gavin. He’s my son’s best friend. I love this kid to DEATH!!!  Words can’t tell you how happy I was to squeeze him and tell him I miss him and get an I miss you back.


Anywho, some fun stuff coming up on the blog this week: a fun fashion post with all my winter must haves, a giveaway, and how I plan on losing the last 20 lbs of baby weight (dont judge me).

Until tomorrow lovies!

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOVE the baby Superhero babies! (That Ethan is SO clever with his costume idea!) Can't wait for your fashion post!

    1. you and me---> queens of bargains and avoiding automatic payments lmfao <3

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by at Moms Surviving Kids! Today! I have followed you back! Looking forward to following your blog :)

  3. this is such a lovely post and the kids photo shoot looks fun, though i understand it can be stressful

    1. It was fun, but definitly a heart stopper! lol =) thank you for commenting =) !

  4. Your kids are so cute!! Being a mom is stressful and yes, I've often been late or frazzled because of it!! I used to dread birthday parties when my son was little because it's a one-woman-show. It gets easier as they get older though. :) What Jean Likes Blog {HERE}

    1. Hahaha it most certainly is a one woman show!!! I am happy tho, I have made huge strides...I have come a long way from his newborn days lol <3