Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Covet Thee: Things I Need (want) This Winter

I think anyone can agree that it is 100 times easier to look cuter in the winter than the summer.

Perfect hair weather? CHECK.

Perfect temperature for accessories? CHECK.

Boots are acceptable as everyday wear? CHECK.

Now is definitly the time to play with textures and accessories and to finally blow out your hair ( curly haired girls can I get an AMEN???).

Now, I am by NO means a fashionista, but I do know what looks good on me and I am sometimes on trend and I most certainly know how to look fancy on a budget.

Here, I present, my lusts for this winter:

1.) Infinity Scarf.
I swear, these things can make ANY outfit look good. On those days where I feel like I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear (or I'm whining about feeling fat blah blah blah) I plan my entire outfit around a SCARF.

Add a scarf to any of the basics I am certain you all have in your closet:  jeans, cardi, or  a blazer. Choose a hairstyle ( I personally love doing a bun), some accessories and voila! You look like you spent a whole lot of time (money?) on looking fabulous.

An added bonus: as a Mommy its ridiculously hard to plan and execute complicated outfits, but throwing on an infinity scarf takes seconds! (The infinity aspect is awesome because you dont have to worry about getting the scarf to fall the right way..it.just.does). 

from left to right: nordstrom $25.00, forever21: $10.50, Express:$29.50

 2.) A great pair of boots.
 I love boots. I truly do not care when I wear them (I have my Aunt Linda to thank for that). Last year, I wore a pair of cowboy boots all through summer, well into fall and a big chunk of winter until my big, bloated pregnancy feet didnt fit them anymore.

Anyway, I highly doubt any of you will argue that shoes can most definitly make or break an outfit. Now dont get me wrong, I will continue to wear pumps all winter long...but I love that boots are much easier to come by now in stores.

I have a special love for knee high boots, specifically riding boots. One year I lusted and lusted until thank goodness they were gifted to me...a sexy black pair from Colin Stuart. I used them until they literally fell apart ( I mean sole falling off, stitching coming undone kind of falling apart).

This year I am praying for a pair in a dark, chocolatey brown.  Brown for me is a fancier neutral than black and I wear it with every color. I also want to flirt with some ankle booties. I havent done them yet, but I have seen one or two that I would love to roll around in bed with.

Sue me, I'm Puerto Rican!: Steve madden: $59.49 (and yes, I consider leopard a neutral!)

LOVE this! Added bonus: oxfords are in!: Payless: $34.99 (pay...more?)

the color, the heel, the length= <3 I want to marry them:Steve Madden: $48.99

 3.) Something spiked/studded/crossed.

Studs and spikes and crosses, oh my!

I know I am personally dying, DYING to get something embelished into my wardrobe.

courtesy of ASOS

Just look at this sexy piece of work! Ugh, I just LOVE IT. The studding, the side zipper, the details on the sleeves, the leather...everything about this jacket sings to me, and sings to me loudly! I would so rock this with eyeliner and red lips..I just snapped my fingers at MYSELF! ::mhmmmm!::

However, I live in the real world of singleMommyhood and so there is no way I will be buying this jacket. I can however indulge in a lesser priced version, courtesy of Forever 21:

I am sure I can find $42.80 SOMEWHERE in my budget...right?

If a studded leather jacket isnt for you, you can definitly indulge the studded/spikes/rocker glam trend in more subtle ways. Cross tees are available everywhere right now and you can layer them up for winter. You can also play up your accessories with spiked earrings or a necklace (things that cost way less than a 42 dollar jacket).

And lastly, the thing I want the most, and its actually really quite silly, is this:

#4.) A collar necklace

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A studded collar necklace. Collars are everywhere  right now and I love LOVE when this is worn with a sweater or a casual tee. It just looks so.damn.cute. Look at this, tell me you dont love this?!!!!

AHHHH! I must have it!

So there you have it loves. My LUST list for this winter.

What are some of your favorites? Do any of these trends (and my obsessions) excite you?!


  1. Oh my! YES! YES! YES! I need boots too! I heard Forever21 has boots now, too?

    1. Forever 21 shoes are a little funky though, you have to weed through them! For cheapie boots, I always do Charlotte Russe.

  2. I think we're long lost twins, I love ALL OF THIS! Especially the studded/spiked stuff. Love the biker chic :)
    Thanks for following and linking up with the GFC Collective, hope to see you back next week!


    1. Long lost fashion twin? Is that YOU? LOVE biker chic too <3 <3 <3 <3

      And you are so welcome!!! Thank YOU for showing me love <3